Ángel D’Agostino

Ángel Domingo Emilio D’Agostino (Buenos Aires, 25th of May 1900, 16th of January 1991), was a pianist, a composer and an Argentine Tango orchestra Director. He started playing piano in his childhood, and when he was very young he was already playing in a trio with Juan D’Arienzo. He formed his first Orchestra in 1920, playing Jazz and Tango and accompanying mute movies, at the Palais de Glace. In 1934 he formed his first Orchestra dedicated exclusively to Tango, in which the young Aníbal Troilo played the bandoneon and Alberto Echague was the singer.

The two Angels, D’Agostino and Vargas

Every milonguero associates the name of D’Agostino with Angel Vargas, the singer who sang almost all D’Agostino’s tangos.
They met in 1934, and RCA Victor contracted both in 1940, to play for Radio El Mundo. They recorded a total of 93 Tangos. D’Agostino’s Tangos are very recognisable by the Tango walking lovers, as the richness in the music and the alternation of the difference instruments works as an ideal frame to the clear compás: all you want to do is following the compás, glowing while listening to the difference nuances, but keeping the beat in an elegant forward walk.
During this period with Angel Vargas, D’Agostino composed very few instrumental Tango.

Best Tangos of D’Agostino with Vargas:

Tres esquinas
Un copetín
Adios Arrabal
Una pena
Viejo coche
Un tropezón
Así era el tango
Rosita la santiagueña
A quien le puede importer
Ave de paso

Ángel D’Agostino with Tino Garcia, Rubén Cané, Ricardo Ruiz

In 1947 D’Agostino recorded his first Tango without Vargas and from that moment three singers alternated: Tino Garcia, Ruben Cané and Ricardo Ruiz (for a short period).
Although his tangos kept being of high quality, everyone would always compare them with the ones with Vargas, consequently these are seldom played in nowadays milongas.

Ángel D’Agostino’s valses and milongas:

D’Agostino Orchestra played only few valses, and they are seldom played in milongas. Some of the Vargas Milongas, instead, are very popular, although there are not many.

D’Agostino’s best milongas:

1941, Compadreando
1942, Entre copa y copa
1944, todos te quieren
1945, Señores yo soy del centro

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