La Bruja

Music: Juan Polito
Lyrics: Francisco Gorrindo

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La bruja Spanish original lyrics

Ahogando este grito que sube del pecho,
y llega a los labios cargao de rencor,
yo vuelvo a tu lado, atadas las manos,
pero pa’ decirte que todo acabó,
Que ya no me importa tu risa o tu llanto,
que a fuerza ‘e coraje vencí al corazón,
y que hoy como nunca mirándote cerca,
te veo realmente, así como sos.

La Bruja,
que ayer fuera reina de todo mi ser,
hoy, roto el encanto,
no es más que mujer.
La Bruja,
montón de caprichos que me esclavizó,
hoy es un paisaje, cubierto de horror.

Me vuelvo a la vida sencilla y honrada,
me vuelvo a un cariño que es noble y leal,
y puede que un día, curada mi alma,
a fuerza de hombría levante un hogar.

Entonces, acaso, me habré redimido,
y vos, para entonces, quién sabe si sos,
un cacho de invierno cargado de males,
un resto de vida, un poco de tos.

La bruja English translation

Suffocating this crying, that come from my chest,
and reach my lips with much resentment,
I am back at your side, my hands tied,
but this time to tell you that it is all over,
that I don’t care any more whether you laugh or smile,
that with strength and courage I have overcome my heart,
and that today, as never before, looking at you closely,
I see you for what you really are.

The witch,
who was until yesterday the queen of my all being,
today, once the spell has been broken, is nothing more than a woman.
The witch,
so many whims that made me a slave,
today is a landscape, covered in horror.

I go back to my simple and honourable life,
I go back to a love that is noble and loyal,
and perhaps one day, once my soul is restored,
with the strength of my manhood, I will build a home.

By that time, maybe, I will have redeemed myself,
And you, by that time, you might just be
A piece of cold winter full of evilness,
A remainder of life, a little cough.

Most popular versions of La bruja

Year Orchestra Singer
1938 Juan D’Arienzo Alberto Echague
1955 Angel Vargas Alejandro Scarpino
1959 Juan D’Arienzo Mario Bustos
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