Osvaldo Fresedo

Osvaldo Fresedo (Buenos Aires 5th of may 1897, 18th of November 1984), was a Tango composer and orchestra director, also known as “El Pibe de la Paternal”, as he moved there with his family, where he started studying the bandoneon. After travelling to the US he came back to Buenos Aires and formed his first orchestra in 1920.

Osvaldo Fresedo with Roberto Ray, Ricardo Ruiz and Oscar Serpa

Since his first formation he signed his music with his characteristic elegance, and though his style evolved during his long career, his signature of extreme elegance and smoothness has always accompanied him.
He changed the members of his orchestra many times during these years and composed many tangos: especially in the thirties, he composed some of the most popular tangos played nowadays.The main singers of Fresedo’s orchestra were Roberto Ray, Ricardo Ruiz and Oscar Serpa, though during his long career he alternated many other singers.

Best Fresedo’s Tangos until 1948

Araca la cana, Roberto Ray
Vida mia, Roberto Ray
Tigre Viejo
Recuerdos de bohemia, Roberto Ray
Niebla del Riachuelo
Cuartito Azul, Ricardo Ruiz
Un amor, Ricardo Ruiz
Buscandote, Ricardo Ruiz

Si Yo pudiera Comprender,

Fresedo’s Tangos from 1948

Different singers alternated in this period, that lasted until 1980.
Singers were Roberto Ray, Osvaldo Cordo, Armando Garrindo,Oscar Serpa, Daniel Riolobos, Jorge Ruanova, Hector Pacheco, Hugo Marcel, Argentino Ledesma, Carlos Barrios, Armando Garrindo, Blanca Mooney. Although until mid 50’s Fresedo’s music was still adapt to a milonga, it became more and more sophisticated, and nowadays we generally hear Fresedo’s tangos until 1945, as they are the more danceable ones.


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