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Lyrics: Lalo scalise

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Buscandote Spanish original lyrics

con el cansancio de mi eterno andar,
tristeza amarga de la soledad
ansias enormes de llegar.

que por la vida fui buscándote,
que mis ensueños sin querer rompí,
que en algún cruce los dejé.

Mi andar apresuré
con la esperanza de encontrarte a ti,
largos caminos hilvané
leguas y leguas recorrí.
Después que entre tus brazos
pueda descansar,
si lo prefieres volveré a marchar
por mi camino de ayer…

Buscandote lyrics English translation

with the eternal tiredness of my being,
sour sadness of my solitude,
Enormous anxiousness to get somewhere.

You will know…
that I have been looking for you in life,
that I broke my daydreaming without loving,
that I left them somewhere at some crossroad.

I accelerated,
hoping to meet you,
I put together long journeys,
I travelled miles and miles.
Once I will be in your arms,
I will be able to rest,
but if you prefer I will go back travelling,
the same journeys of yesterdays.

Most popular versions of Buscandote

Year Orchestra Singer
1941 Osvaldo Fresedo Ricardo Ruiz
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